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Eco-Friendlier Ride Sharing Apps All Over the World

cheap rides to Newark airport

Eco-Friendlier Ride Sharing Apps All Over the World

Nowadays, due to rapidly increasing traffic and fuel prices, people prefer economical options for a day to day travel especially when you have to get to the work. If you don’t like to travel on sticky public transport and want to reach on time, then here is the list of some amazing apps that you must install on your phone. These companies claim to solve the challenges of your commute while offering significantly cheaper and eco-friendly rides. These apps are economical which you can use for cheap rides to Newark airport, office or anywhere. Here we are giving you suggestions for cheaper rates rides that you can use for traveling on a daily basis.


Chariot offers a fleet of vans ready to take you from your neighborhoods on the city’s perimeter.  You have to wait but, not too much; it arrives every few minutes at pre-selected stops and promises a safer ride. For long island airport limo service, you can ask them as well.


Via is the cheapest of all rides sharing charging only $5 per trip, especially if you are looking for cheap rides to Newark airport. It is available only in Manhattan and for certain hours. The best thing is that it offers carpooling services specifically which is excellent for office goers.


If you are looking for long island airport limo service then you need to know how Juno can help you. Sending an invite is pretty easy and quick. You have to boom online and type in number, and you will get a text able to log into the app. This app best if you are booking a long travel ride.


You may have several options to travel from the airport, but this is the best ride that you can take. The Bandwagon is the first that offers an alternative, using the licensed taxis and offering Long island airport car services.

Magic bus

Magic will pick you up at a pre-selected stop within a five minute and take you back from office to work. The best app for regular travel.


It is the best app for carpooling, but the catch is that now you can travel with people you are comfortable with. Hovee taps into your social networks and sets you up with a carpool of people you are comfortable with.


Sidecar is another ridesharing service that you can use when someone near you especially when heading in the same direction. The prices are usually cheaper than Lyft and Uber. The services are based in San Francisco.


Lyft is the biggest competitors of Uber in the United States. Covering more than 60 cities across the USA, Lyft is one of the best apps like Uber offering safe driving with quick turnaround time.


One of the best ride-hailing services in the UK, it has made a cab booking easy and it is also one of the most reliable ride apps across Great Britain.

These apps are great for going from point A to B. The riding apps are growing rapidly and increasingly becoming popular. What are you waiting for? Just install it and book the ride.